1. Roof Repair In New Jersey And Our Worst Storms

    With multiple hurricanes affecting states like Texas and Florida currently, hurricanes are on the mind whether you live in the states being hit hard or not. Hurricanes Irma and Harvey have been devastating, not unlike some tropical storms that have made their way to the Jersey Shore in the past. We, as your local roofing company that handles everything from window repair, gutter repair, gutter cle…Read More

  2. Jersey Shore Roofing Contractors | Highlighting The Communities We Serve

    Here at 1800 Roof Plus, we say that we are roofing contractors plus so much more! We work on commercial and residential roofing jobs at affordable prices. But our aim is to go above and beyond that,  because we have a passion for our NJ Shore communities.  By helping families and businesses get back on their feet after a storm, helping these same neighbors be prepared for the next big one, and p…Read More

  3. Brielle Roofing Repair, Roof Replacement, And More

    1800 Roof Plus has been helping residents of Brielle and other New Jersey coastal communities for 4 generations. Whether you are interested in commercial or residential roofing or siding services, 1800 Roof Plus is a dependable resource that NJ families have come to rely on. We offer exceptional roofing inspections and installations, plus so much more. If you are the proud owner of a residential o…Read More

  4. What Our Customers Are Saying About Us At 1800 Roof Plus

    Genuinely, we could go on and on all day about the quality of roofing repairs and other services that we provide at 1800 Roof Plus. A division of Lombardo Construction, we consistently go beyond the traditional expectations that people have for roofing contractors. This going “above and beyond” mentality is pervasive throughout every aspect of our roofing company. In fact, we do much more than…Read More

  5. Highlighting Our Gutter Services At 1800 Roof Plus

    At 1800 Roof Plus, we are more than you standard roofing company. We understand that when you live in communities like Sea Girt, Wall Township, Spring Lake, or Brielle, the weather is such that you might need to have your roof, siding, gutters, or windows repaired or replaced a bit more often than your average region. With that in mind, 1800 Roof Plus is committed to providing solutions by offerin…Read More

  6. Famous Roofs Of The World

    We at 1800 Roof Plus thought it would be nice to take a break from the more practical posts we’ve been writing lately, in favor of something a bit more exploratory. If you happened to have missed some of our previous posts about spring roofing maintenance and selecting the right type of roof for your home, we encourage you to go back and check them out! But read on if you are looking to educate …Read More

  7. The Pros and Cons of Getting a Metal Roof

    Deciding on the right type of roof to go with can be a vexing experience. Among the many options you have, metal roofing is an choice which we would recommend considering. If you have a flat or steep roofline, going with a metal roof provides a durability that is tough to beat. In today’s post we will explore the benefits and disadvantages of going with a metal roof. But regardless, consider con…Read More

  8. Spring Roof Maintenance Tips From 1800 Roof Plus

    Spring has sprung, and we here at 1800 Roof Plus couldn’t be more thrilled. Call us crazy, but we prefer to work on your home with the sun out and birds chirping over rain, sleet, and snow. With the season’s change comes a whole new set of roofing maintenance checklists and gutter cleaning sessions to get ready for the spring rain. Today’s post is dedicated to setting you up for success duri…Read More

  9. Signs You Need To Call A Siding Contractor ASAP

      You have a busy life. Between kids, friends, and obligations at work, you can frequently be heard saying that you’d lose your head if it wasn’t so firmly attached to your neck. We get it. During the course of your typical day, you probably don’t spend two seconds thinking about your siding. In fact, it probably doesn’t even cross your mind at all. Despite the fact that you see it every …Read More

  10. Door To Door Roofing Salesman? Here’s Why You Should Ignore Their Knock

      You’re sitting on your couch, cat in your lap, settling in for a three-hour binge of your favorite Netflix show. Then it happens. The thing that all homebodies dread more than anything else in the world...an unexpected knock at the door! For at least two seconds, maybe three, you think about ignoring it. You can tell by the look in her eyes that your cat wants you to pretend like the knock ne…Read More