1. Could a New Roof Boost Your Curb Appeal?

    At Roof Plus, our focus is first and foremost on providing our clients with exceptional value and quality results. When you’re looking for a roofing contractor in New Jersey, we strive to be the place that you put your trust in to do great work without fail. Our top priority is to ensure that you have a roof that is constructed with expertise so you can rest assured that it stands the test of ti…Read More

  2. Snow And Ice On Your Roof: Tips For Effective & Safe Maintenance

    At Roof Plus, we provide roofing repair, roof maintenance, window installation, window repair, new siding, siding repair, condominium services, gutter repair and install, and much more. For both commercial and residential structures, we offer close to comprehensive exterior services in communities like Point Pleasant, NJ, Wall Township, and others.  If you are looking for a local roofing company …Read More

  3. New Jersey Spring Cleaning Tips, Continued

    In our last post, we offered our readers a few pointers with regards to spring roof maintenance tips in New Jersey. Among the tips were the advice about how to clean your gutters in addition to a reminder about how important it is to clear out your gutters fairly frequently. One particular point we’d like to reiterate from that previous post is for our clients, and really, anyone who is reading …Read More

  4. Spring Roof Maintenance Tips

    In our last post, Analyzing the Benefits of Different Roofing Materials, we took a rather in-depth look at the strengths and weaknesses of various roofing materials. For example, clay tile offers great value and longevity, but only in certain climates that aren’t too windy or cold. In the same way, metal roofing material, which is making a serious comeback in the United States, offers residents …Read More

  5. Analyzing The Benefits Of Different Roofing Materials

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  6. facts about roofs

    Interesting Facts About Roofs And Roofing Materials

    Perhaps you’ve been mulling over whether you should get a roof repair or a full-on roof replacement in Brick NJ or another local area. Maybe you are considering if you need to get gutter repair in NJ or perhaps cut your losses and look into how much a new gutter system might set you back. With the holidays right around the corner, most people aren’t thinking about home improvements during this…Read More

  7. Tips For Winter Roof Maintenance From Roof Plus

    One of our goals here at Roof Plus, a division of Lombardo Construction, is to set up both our current clients and prospective customers for success in whatever way we can. Sometimes, that means being timely with a callback and a quote the same day that you called. If we are able to come out to your site the same day that you called, we can hopefully get your gutter replacement or home window repl…Read More

  8. Roofing And Siding Contractors Near You: A Look At Our Services

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  9. Roof Repair In New Jersey And Our Worst Storms

    With multiple hurricanes affecting states like Texas and Florida currently, hurricanes are on the mind whether you live in the states being hit hard or not. Hurricanes Irma and Harvey have been devastating, not unlike some tropical storms that have made their way to the Jersey Shore in the past. We, as your local roofing company that handles everything from window repair, gutter repair, gutter cle…Read More

  10. Jersey Shore Roofing Contractors | Highlighting The Communities We Serve

    Here at Roof Plus, we say that we are roofing contractors plus so much more! We work on commercial and residential roofing jobs at affordable prices. But our aim is to go above and beyond that because we have a passion for our NJ Shore communities.  By helping families and businesses get back on their feet after a storm, helping these same neighbors be prepared for the next big one, and providing…Read More