When it comes to roof cleaning in the Jersey Shore area, no one does it better than Roof Plus. With several decades of experience and a dedication to making sure that the job is done right, our team prides itself on being reliable, honest, and trustworthy. Over the years, customers have come to trust us to be the absolute authority on all things roofing.

Why Have Your Roof Cleaned?

“It’s a roof, so it’s supposed to get dirty.” This is true, of course, because roofs are exposed to sun, snow, rain, hail, and winds on a regular basis. While it’s true that roofs and shingles are built to stand up to the elements, it’s also true that it’s a good idea to have your roof cleaned from time to time. 

We use a soft washing technique to remove built up mold and fungus that accumulates over time. Needless to say, the less mold and fungus you have on your roof, the longer it’s going to last. After all, mold can cause a whole host of health problems and fungus can start to rot building materials. In other words, if these things are left unchecked, it can cause huge problems down the line. Will having your roof cleaned regularly ensure that you never need to repair or replace your roof? Unfortunately not, but it will mean that you’re adding precious time before that does have to happen, saving yourself money in the process.

Additionally, having your roof cleaned can leave it looking like new. Whether you’re selling your home and looking to increase its value before putting it on the market or you just want to boost your curb appeal before heading into a new season, having us clean your roof makes a big difference visually as well.

Put Your Trust in Roof Plus

Did you know that it’s likely that the warranty for your shingles states that you should have them cleaned from time to time? Believe it or not, most shingle manufacturers actually intend for homeowners to have their roof cleaned every now and again to prolong the life of their products. Whether the manufacturers of your particular shingles recommend having them cleaned or not, the truth is that the team at Roof Plus thinks it’s always a good idea.

Having us clean your roof also means that we’re able to see any damage (or potential damage) much earlier. This means that if we’re doing a routine cleaning and we notice an area where hail has damaged your roof, we can start the process of fixing it now rather than waiting for it to create an even bigger problem in the future. In other words, it’s a win/win.

Whether you’re in Point Pleasant, Toms River, Brielle, Wall Township, Spring Lake, Sea Girt, or somewhere else in the Jersey Shore area, if you’re looking for a roofing contractor who can handle a number of different tasks, look no further. In addition to cleaning, our team also offers roof repair and roof replacement. No matter your situation, you can count on us to make sure the job gets done the right way.

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