1. Get an Early Start on Spring Cleaning

    Although the weather lately isn’t an indication that spring has arrived early this year, the team at 1800 Roof Plus, your go-to local roofing contractor,  has been thinking about doing some spring cleaning. It’s not that the weather has been particularly bad by any means. In fact, weather in the 40s is okay by us, and even the snow hasn’t been too heavy lately. Regardless of the mildness of…Read More

  2. Is It Time to Have Your Roof Repaired?

    Winter is a popular time of the year to notice that your roof is having more issues than it’s had in the past. Although it might feel like Murphy’s Law is attacking you personally, the truth is that your roof may have been developing problems in the previous months, and it’s only become more apparent as wind and snow this winter have started taking a toll. The truth is that every roof is goi…Read More

  3. So You Bought a House In Point Pleasant

    As its name would suggest, Point Pleasant is...well, it’s quite nice! It makes sense that people would want to live here, and if you’ve just purchased a house in the Greater Jersey Shore area, we’d like to be among the first to welcome you. We think that you’ll absolutely love living here. Perhaps you’ve purchased a beautiful home that needs a bit of work. Not to worry, because we’re t…Read More

  4. Remodeling Your Home? We Can Help!

    Whether you’ve just purchased a fixer upper or you’ve been living in your home for years and recently made the decision that it’s time for some upgrades, remodeling your home can make a massive difference. At the end of the day our homes are the places that we retreat to for rest, relaxation, and comfort. It only makes sense to get the most out of our living spaces and remodeling might be th…Read More

  5. Brielle Roofing Repair, Roof Replacement, And More

    1800 Roof Plus has been helping residents of Brielle and other New Jersey coastal communities for 4 generations. Whether you are interested in commercial or residential roofing or siding services, 1800 Roof Plus is a dependable resource that NJ families have come to rely on. We offer exceptional roofing inspections and installations, plus so much more. If you are the proud owner of a residential o…Read More

  6. Do You Feel That Draft?

    If you want your home to maintain a consistent heat flow, proper insulation is essential. This does not mean, however, that when your home is losing heat that insulation is the only problem. While winter is a nice reminder to be grateful for the roof over your head, it can be frustrating when your roof is to blame for a cold home. With the expert help of the roofing contractors at 1800 Roof Plus, …Read More

  7. Avoiding Winter Roof Damage

    With the stresses of heavy snow impacts, higher energy bills, and the holiday season, the last thing you need is a roof leak repair on top of it all! There's nothing that can ruin your holiday plans faster than having to deal with an issue on your roof, but the good news is that the team at 1800 Roofs Plus is here to lend a helping hand to make sure that everything goes off without a hitch. That's…Read More