Like most people in the Toms River area, you probably like to ensure that your property — commercial or residential — is in tip-top shape. You mow and water the lawn, weed the flower beds, and repair your cracked concrete walkways, but the one thing that you forget to do is to look up. Yes, the aesthetic value of your home remains on the ground level, but the roof and gutters of your home have both structural and aesthetic implications.

As your go-to roofer in Toms River, we understand that when you’re on the roof you don’t usually have time to look for, or know how to look for, damages or other issues with your roof. Because of this, it is important that once every three years for residential homes and a couple of times a year for commercial buildings that you contact a roofer in Toms River and request a roof inspection.

Here at Roof Plus, we offer roofing services — repair, replacement, and inspection — to both residential and commercial buildings. Below, we have listed some of our other services that we offer in addition to roofing replacement and repairs, because after all, they might make your life easier.  

  • Siding Services – If you live in Toms River and are in need of professional siding repair and maintenance, look no further than Roofs Plus. Rather than spending all of your personal time trying to fix, or make your siding look like new, be sure to get in touch with us, your go-to roofers in Toms River.
  • Window Installation – While yes, it is a little odd for a company to specialize in more than one exterior building repair, that’s what the “Plus” stands for in Roof Plus. If you are in need of assistance with replacement or repairs of anything from windows to roofing, be sure to call us or text us at Roof Plus
  • Gutter Cleaning – As we said earlier, the only time people are usually on their roof they are there to clean their gutters. As your go-to company for roofing in Toms River, we can offer more than just the regular roof inspection and the every-so-often roof repair — we can also clean your gutters while we are up there. If you need gutter cleaning services on your residential, commercial, or condominium complex property, give us a call today.
  • Condominium Services – If you own a condominium you might find yourself drowning in bills after hiring a window company, a siding company and a company that specializes in roofing in Toms River. Why, might you ask? Well, each company is going to charge you individually for whatever they see fit — and that adds up. When you do business with Roof Plus, you get a Toms River roofer PLUS a Toms River window company and siding company.
  • Whether you are a homeowner, business owner, or condominium owner here in Toms River, you could benefit greatly from enlisting the services of Roof Plus, your local Toms River roofer.

Why Roof Plus?

Here at Roof Plus we offer roofing, window, siding, and condominium services that are second-to-none in the Toms River and greater New Jersey areas. We use industry leading techniques and employ some of the most hardworking, experienced, and knowledgeable roofers in the industry.

Wherever your home, business, or condominium complex may be located on the Jersey Shore, whether it be Point Pleasant, Brick, or Toms River, Roof Plus is here to provide you with service of the utmost caliber. Being a family owned operation that has been in business for over 40 years in the greater New Jersey area, we are passionate for helping our customers and our neighbors with projects big or small — easy or hard.

If there is a service that you need to be completed at your home, business, or condominium complex that you think we might be able to help you with please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We would be happy to come out and give you an assessment or get a better feel for the project over the phone. As your go-to roofer in Toms River, Roof Plus is happy to help.